For their continued support as

 students and coaches.

 We would like to thank everyone

 Lets be honest there is no 

 shortage of Muay Thai training

 for Kru's and academies looking

 to get involved in the art, but

 we're taking things to the next 

 level in terms of support and

 professionalism to boost each

schools, skill level, knowledge

and structure and bottom line as 

a business ower by joining the Sri

Wai Muay Thai Association. 

Even beyond our top notch training

in Thailand and Overseas we offer

several projects that will hugly

benefit your students and 


We offer:

  • Access to Sri Wai Muay Thai 

curriculum and grading system

  • Annual Instructors seminar for

all coaches

  • Access to Sri Wai global network of

instructors to assist in teaching

classes or coaching

  • Discounted Instructor and 

Personal training coaches looking

to upgrade their skills

  • Access to yearly discounted


  • For those members or students

looking to compete in Thailand

you will have access to Ajahn Jovan,

safe and quality

to train, manage and arrange a


match ups

Gyms and Accredited Kru's and Levels


Kru - Panpetch


Professor (Kru) - Marco Costa

Professor - Justin "Loaf" Bruckmann

Professor - Antonia "Pato" Carvalho

Kru - Ritch Kruz Head Of Sri Wai

Muay Thai MMA Program Canada

Provisional Kru Level 3 - Mathew Kendall

Provisional Kru Level 3 - Jason Hinds

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Cornell Poitras

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Kyle Thompson

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Eleea Ouroumidis

Kru - Raj Dhanjal

Professor - (Kru) - Pedro Lott

Provisional Kru Level 3 - Mark Evans

Provisional Kru Level 1 - Megan Evans

Provisional Kru Level 1 -

Mark Beardsworth

Kru - Danny Beauclerc

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Mike McAloon

Provisional Kru Level 1 - Arash Kazemzadem

Professor/Kru - Jeff Joslin

Kru - Brendon Kalijundic

Kru - Barry Mcdonald

Kru - Goran Jankovic

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Nicolas Kambasis

Kru - Kevin Henry

Kru - Billy Strumikovski

Kru - Mel Lopez

Provisional Kru Level 2 - Kevin Acheson

Ajarn - Lou Giulliani


Ajahn - Mark Szalajko

Kru - Toni Lazanovski

Kru - Robert Ristovski


Kru - Pascal Van Dalen


Kru - Colin Byrne


Kru - Jonathon Espy

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