Thapae International Muay Thai Boxing Stadium is the Premier boxing Stadium in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai is Thailands second largest city.

Open 7 days a week 365 days a year, having a full card every evening starting at 9pm until finish.

Thapae International Stadium features both male and female fighters, both Thai and International.
All fights are professional with prize money and is used as a stepping stone for those fighters climbing the ranking, trying to reach the top levels of the sport in Bangkok.


First Opening 1990 The Stadium has featured many bloody battles, with several Top Ranked Lumpinee and Ratchdamnoen Stadium fighters emerging from Thapae Stadium.

The Stadium has access to bars and is a fantastic place for  spectators looking to have a great night out watching Thailand full contact national sport.

Price of entry is 500 THB for a normal seat ( approx $16 U.S )

700 THB for a VIP ringside seat ( approx $19 U.S ) for a close view of all the action.

Shows start at 9pm until finish.

Its always a fun evening with some form of entertainment during intermission are one of the following - Blindfold boxing - Ladyboy Pagent - New rising talent Singers - To add to the enjoyment of a great night out, not to be taken too seriously.

New Super VIP seats available 
Raised seating VIP box with air conditioning and unlimited drinks 1500 THB

The World Famous Mr Kobb Cassette Promotions

Mr Kob Cassette the "Exclusive" Promoter for Sri Wai Muay Thai Association, well known as the best promoter in the North

running the yearly scheduled bouts at Thapae International Boxing Stadium amongst other venues nationwide.

He was Ajahn Jovan's trainer years ago for some of his biggest televised fights.

Mr kobb is considered part of the Sri Wai family, Fair and high quality match up's are always assured.

We are lucky to have access to Mr Kob Cassette Promotions and their high level

match making.

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