Meet the Team

We have a variety of Muay Thai trainers to suit your particular needs and skill level.

Ajahn Supalert Tansombat
Head coach

Ajahn Supalert Tansombat "Lom Issan"

( the Issan Wind ) is nationally recognized

as a muay thai genius, his success in the  

muay thai world in Thailand is fantastic.

In his fighting days he started fighting at 

age 9 in Udon Thani Issan Province, 

Thailand and retired at age 31

In his career of over 300+ professional 

fights he rose to the astounding heights of

#1 Ranked contender - Featherweight 126

lbs - Rajadamnern Stadium

#1 Ranked contender super bantamweight

122 lbs - Lumpinee Stadium

Thai National Champion - Bantamweight

118 lbs

He now coaches and trains fighters all over

Thailand, In between stops to help train

fighters at the Sri Wai

Muay Thai Gym Chiang Rai.

He regularly appears in Thai television

cornering fighters and commentating on 


We are fortunate to have him as head 

of the Sri Wai Muay Thai



Jovan "Stinger" Stojanovski
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Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski has been traveling

back and forth to Thailand from Canada

since 1996 to fight and train, Muay Thai,

being among the first westerners to do so.

He decided to relocat here permanently


in 2003 to fight and train at the highest

He had great success, fighting at the top

levels of Muay Thai in Thailand and raising

10 Contenders.

several Thai Champions and top

Ajahn Jovan has competed in some of the

highest level stadiums in Thailand

including, Rajdamnern, Om Noi, Channel 7,

and Lumpinee Stadiums.

But his highest achievement was fighting

as the main event at the King of Thailands

birthday celebrations.

His fighting career has included opponents

such as Olympic Gold Medalist and Thai

national hero Somrak Khamsing, and

2001 fighter of the year Samkor Kiat


He has also appeared at numerous

venues, against many other top ranked

Thai opponents.

He also has fought and later on coached

dozens of times internationally, including

Canada, U.S.A, Australia, Portugal, Spain,

Italy, England, Laos, Malaysia Thailand

and Japan.

He curerent spends his time in Chiang Rai

where he has a home and family and runs

his gym - Sri Wai Muay Thai Gym -


training and coaching local and foreign

(available on request)
  • Current Thai Northern Welterweight Champion

  • Fights actively in Bangkok and internationally

  • Masters the clinch game like no other

  • His fights are regularly televised in Thailand

Assistant coach
Boxing coach
  • Over 200 Muay Thai Fights

  • WBC Asia and WBA  Asia Bantamweight Champion (Boxing)

  • World class trainer with a wealth of experience to share

  • Fights actively in Bangkok and Internationally

  • His fights are regularly televised

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